1.2 million will be stolen this year at a cost of $8 billion. Don't be a statistic. So-called 'factory-security' simply does not provide enough protection. That's where Clifford comes in. Clifford G5 and Matrix systems are intelligent, powerful sleek and modern.
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For more than 20 years, Clifford has revolutionized vehicle security with the most innovative breakthroughs and sophisticated concepts in the industry.
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State-of-the-Art Clifford Accessories are G5 Compatible! Great news about G5 - Clifford has engineered the next generation of technological innovation in vehicle security to be backwards compatible. The core of G5 is CliffNet™, the revolutionary digital link between every Clifford component and major accessory. With CliffNet, each piece in the system is "daisychained" together to offer the highest degree of sophistication, compatibility and reliability, so you can add the following accessories to your G5 system to create the ultimate in security, luxury and convenience.
Remote Power Window Control
More Power to Power Windows. Open, close and vent the car's power windows using the G5 security system remote control. SmartWindows also adds extra features inside the vehicle: one tap fully open, one tap fully closed. Tap the switch during roll-up and roll-down to instantly stop the window. Vent opening is selectable via the CliffNet Wizard, and can be vented repeatedly after remote arming. The SmartWindows Safety Stop feature halts window movement if there is an obstruction.
Anti-Carjacking and Vehicle Self Recovery System
BlackJax is Clifford's unique anti-carjacking response system that puts personal safety first while using innovative advancements to ensure that users can recover the vehicle themselves. If an armed car thief approaches - whether at a stop light or in a parking lot (where most carjackings occur) - immediately turn over the keys and remote and let Clifford technology take over.
Fully automatic: No buttons or transmitters to push when a gun is involved. Just get away from the vehicle. Quick response: BlackJax allows the criminal to drive away a safe distance. Then, a few seconds later, BlackJax blares the siren and flashes the lights to alert other drivers and witnesses. It then pulses down the ignition system to safely force the vehicle to slow to a complete stop. Siren blaring and lights flashing, unable to restart the engine, the carjacker has no choice but to abandon the vehicle.
Immediate vehicle self-recovery: With the vehicle immobilized a short distance away, the owner can recover it. No special tracking units, monthly fees or per-use charges. Just follow the sound of the BlackJax siren, then enter the PIN code. That's it - it's sabotage-proof. The only way to turn off BlackJax is with a secret user-selectable PIN code. If the carjacker tries guessing codes at random, BlackJax actively ignores his code entries for the next few minutes.
Remote Engine Starting
Suitable for manual and automatic gearboxes, IntelliStart allows you to start the car before you get in. In the summer you can use IntelliStart to cool the car down via its air conditioning and in the winter, use IntelliStart to warm both the engine and interior. Just the touch of a button starts the engine, but leaves the doors still locked and the alarm still on.
Digital Tilt Motion Sensor
Extra Sensory Protection

Detects even minor lifting or rolling of the vehicle without any of the false alarms common to all other tilt and motion sensors. Advanced design allows maximum stability in extreme conditions. Motion can be turned off for tilt only sensing. A must for vehicles with upgraded wheels and tires. Automatically self-adjusting.
Digital Dual Zone Proximity Sensor
Exterior/Interior Movement Sensor
This digital signal processing (DSP) radar sensor's outer perimeter warning zone provides an invisible shield up to a foot outside the closed windows and convertible top. The interior zone instantly blasts the full alarm if someone leans into the passenger compartment. Especially recommended for convertibles and other soft-sided or open vehicles.
12 Volt OmniSensor
Impact/Vibration Sensor
A vibration/impact sensor with Clifford's unique DSP algorithm. Dual sensing levels distinguish between attempted intrusion and less significant impacts. If someone bumps your car with a car door, a warning is sounded If forced entry is detected, the full alarm sounds. Remotely adjustable. (Available only for higher-end models.)
Ultrasonic Sensor
Interior Movement Sensor
The Ultrasonic Sensor is used to provide coverage of a vehicle’s interior cabin area. The sensor detects movement inside the vehicle by sensing air disturbance. They should trigger the alarm if a thief has gained access to the interior of your vehicle.
Smart Self-Powered Siren
The Most Advanced and Dependable G5 Siren
Thieves' Worst Enemy. The world's most advanced and dependable siren for G5 systems. Its built-in battery allows this siren to keep on wailing even if the wires are cut! And its G5 Digital ComLink will detect wire tampering that thieves use to bypass other battery-backed sirens. Its smart charging system won't drain your car battery like other sirens of this type. It will even warn you if the internal battery charge is very low. No override keys are needed like other such sirens. Provides Personalized Siren Sounds even on Clifford G5 security systems lacking that feature (selecting from among 15 different sounds via CliffNet Wizard.)