Free Smartphone Car Control with Clifford's new DS4 technology!

The Evolution in CLIFFORD Transmitters

Introducing the new Clifford remote lineup. This redesign not only looks good, they’re stronger, tougher and more rugged than ever before. Gotta make this new remote stronger and tougher!! *Rugged *Hi-End 1 mile operating range! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! This must be the thinnest 2-way 1 mile remote erver made! needs on accident-proof keypad. make buttons 20% larger! fully functional visual and audiable confimations. Reduce components by 30% * settle for nothing less.

With 20% larger buttons, accident proof keypad and a durable new Soft Touch satin finish, these new remotes take comfort and convenience to the next level.

Needs better materials in construction!! *Hi-End *Rugged Gotta hit that 1 mile operating range!!! Let's make this the thinnest ever! design a new accient-proof keypad. fast micro USB charging port. make buttons 20% larger! Must use 40% fewer components *get on it engineering!
CLIFFORD SMARTSTART With SMARTSTART, you now have the option of choosing unlimited range and control with any of our compatible 2-way ready systems.
Use your smartphone to start or control your car from virtually anywhere.
Use your GPS-enabled smartphone to start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere.