Clifford 5305X

LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

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Clifford's new hybrid LCD 2-Way security and remote start system is a fully functional, low cost entry level system featuring a range of up to 1/4 mile, less wiring for easier installation and SmartStart compatibility.
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  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • Includes 1-Way companion remote
  • LCD Display
  • Onboard remote start relays
  • Horn Honk**
  • Directed SmartStart Compatible
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
  • Up to 1/4 mile range*
  • Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
  • Revenger® 6-tone siren
*Range based on line-of-sight, unobstructed testing in ideal conditions. Actual range will vary due to local conditions including, but not limited to, environment, terrain, physical obstructions, vehicle location and orientation, interference and other possible impediments.

**Additional parts and labor may be required.
ESP2 is Directed's exclusive serial communications protocol that allows extra ultra-security, high-speed communication between systems and enables many of Directed's key features.
SmartStart Compatible
SmartStart Compatible
If you already have a compatible Clifford remote start system in your car, the DSM300/DSM350 will add SmartStart capability to your system.

Now you can remote start or lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your Smartphone using the exciting new Clifford SmartStart app from Directed Electronics.

The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Clifford remote start or security/remote start system: Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, Remote Start, Trunk release, Panic or car finder. You can also control multiple vehicles - great for families! - and assign more than one user to control a vehicle. It's easy with SmartStart!

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Ryan, Colorado Springs, Colorado


I got the 5305X installed on my 2000 Chevy S-10, at my local Car Toys store in Colorado Springs on 1/10/2018. It works great, I'm still getting used to, and learning all the features it has to offer. (Not sure how long the truck will run before turning off when remote started?)
This is my first aftermarket alarm/remote start system on a vehicle. Total price with install was $550 that included the 3 year key fob price seemed a little pricey for what I got, but in the end I'm pleased with the product.